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Accounting Clerk Actuary AirBnB Lister Art Director Art Model Artist Astronomer Audio Or Video Transcriber Audiologist Bakers Bartender Bill Collector Biomedical Engineer Cable TV Installer Carpenter Cartographer Celebrity Assistant Chef Choreographer Commercial Painter Compensation And Benefits Manager Computer And Information Systems Manager Computer Hardware Engineer Cruise Ship Worker Delivery Driver Dental Hygienists Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Dietitian Or Nutritionist Digital Nomads Dog Walker Door Supervisor Door-to-door Sales Worker Drop Shipping Economists Event Ushers Farmworkers Fashion Designer Flight Attendant Food Critic Food Scientists Freelance Software Tester Front Office Receptionist Garbage Or Recyclables Collector Geoscientists Glass Blowers Hair Stylists Hand Sewers House Or Pet Sitter Hydrologist Information Security Analyst Internet Poker Gambler Jeweler Judicial Law Clerks Lifeguard Managing Editor Massage Therapists Mathematician Medical Records Technician Message Board Administrator Models Music Therapist Notary Public Online English Teacher Online Translation Job Online Virtual Assistant Operations Research Analyst Optometrist Orthodontists Panda Hugger Paper Towel Sniffer Park Ranger Personal Trainer Pharmacy Technicians Phlebotomy Technician Photographer Physicist Private Housekeeper Professional Snuggler Post-Secondary Instructor Proofreaders Public Librarian Radiologic Technologist Rideshare Driver Romance Novelist Scuba Diving Instructor Security Guard Self-Enrichment Education Teachers Software Developer Solar Energy Systems Engineers Songwriter Speech Language Pathologist Street Performer Table Games Dealer Taxi Dispatcher Taxi Driver Technical Writer Tour Guide Travel Agents Travel Blogger Traveling Yoga Instructor Toll Booth Collector Tool Crib Attendant Video Game Player Virtual Customer Service Representative Voice-Over Artist Web Developer Related Questions Videos

As part of the Human Resource Department, I always encounter the questions, “Is this job stressful?” during job interviews. Thinking of it, I believe that all jobs are stressful in their ways. However, I encountered a seminar which showed us some of the least stressful situations according to a survey.

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How To Reduce Stress At Work - Soul And Land

With that being said, it is essential to take note that a job that is not stressful for one person may not have the same effect on you. Hence, the first step to knowing which job option is the best for you, you should try writing out a list of factors which you consider a critical aspect of a low-stress workday. From here, you can then determine which one career path suits your list.

If you have no idea about which kinds of jobs offer this kind of peaceful work experience, we have decided to compile a list of the 100 least stressful situations in the world. Let’s explore it!

100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (1)

Accounting Clerk

The job of an accounting clerk is routinized and straightforward. All you have to do is to conduct necessary calculations and verify financial information. At times that financial reports are not due, the workload will decline.


The primary responsibilities of an actuary are to look at numbers, find correlations, conclude these findings, and present it. They usually find themselves working either in banks or in investments firms.

AirBnB Lister

If you want easy and fast money, you can rent out your new buildings and flats for additional income. You have to list it in AirBnB and promote it better during vacation peaks.

Art Director

Those individuals enrolled in this field are usually passionate and creative about visual designs. They love what they are doing – doing layouts, designing, creating concepts, packaging products, and more. Since they love art directing, most people in this job consider it as a low-stress field, which is highly rewarding.

Art Model

Believe it or not, most art schools hire models to pose for their painting and figurative drawing classes. The only challenging part of this job is that they have to stand or sit still for a certain amount of time – 20 to 30 minutes – before they get to move. Nevertheless, this is always a good source of income.


Pushing for your art passion can be a great and easy way to get money. They usually get paid for the quality of work that they produce despite being unique in their approach. The only struggle with this area is felt once they have not yet established their name in the industry. Once they get their name out there, it will be more comfortable.


Astronomers are more exposed to a low-conflict environment since they work in research labs and offices. Some of them are even fielded in nighttime working slots in which there are fewer peer interactions. The main job of an astronomer is to explore the depths of the universe by researching and studying solar systems, galaxies, planets, stars, and other kinds of celestial bodies.

Audio Or Video Transcriber

Whenever companies have their board meetings or presentations, they record all the conversations, and they want to transform these audio or video files into text. Hence, transcribers100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (2) are hired by these businesses to transcribe the recordings into readable and clear documents.


Audiologists are healthcare workers who specialize in ears. They diagnose, balance, and treat the hearing issues of their patients. They usually face clients who are on the older side of the spectrum. Hence, there is little stress to be felt in this field.

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Bakers have a repetitive kind of routine in their work, which makes it less stressful. They prepare their dough, handle the ovens and other machines, design these baked goods, and sell them to customers. If you are the owner, you have to include some administrative tasks on the mix.


Working behind a bar can be exciting, especially when you are doing what you are passionate about. Mixing drinks does not require that much stress. The only time being a bartender can be annoying is with the presence of drunkards.

Bill Collector

According to studies, the employment rate for bill collectors is expected to grow by 20 percent in the next 10 to 15 years. The job requirements for this only require individuals who have gotten a high school diploma, can communicate effectively, and has excellent customer service skills.

Biomedical Engineer

The field of biomedical engineering is known to be a less stressful job since their safe havens, known as the laboratories, require less peer interaction. They have to work on their own by researching, designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing biomedical devices, which can create a real impact on people’s lives.

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Cable TV Installer

Internet and cable TV installers make decent salaries, but it does not require that much skill, time, and effort to be able to accomplish this job properly.


According to statistics, more than one-third of carpenters are self-employed. It supports the fact that they are freer to choose the projects that they can accept and work on. They also have the power to start and finish their jobs on their own time.


A cartographer, also known as a map maker, collect geographic information which can be used to put together a map. They use things like satellite pictures, surveys, photos, and other technological equipment which are capable of creating visuals. (Check out OSW Animator – Amanda Cerny)

Celebrity Assistant

Are you afraid of the limelight but you still want to meet other celebrities? Then being a celebrity assistant may be the one for you! It may be stressful at times when your celebrity boss has a busy schedule, but it still comes with many perks – attending movie premieres, staying in five-star hotels, and meeting famous people!


100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (6)

Being a chef is not as easy you think as it is a hard task, but if you are a person who loves it and is passionate about it, then it won’t be that of a burden for you. What you have to do is master the art of cooking by experimenting with a variety of ingredients out there.


Being a choreographer is an avenue for passionate dancers to release their stresses. They are expected to teach creative moves to a bundle of participants and at the same time, help with their strength conditioning as well.

Commercial Painter

Another low stressful and easygoing career. Commercial painters are in-charge of routinized tasks which are to paint ceilings, walls, and houses at their own pace. The only risk with this job is breathing in paint fumes, which may be harmful to health.

Compensation And Benefits Manager

In this job, the focus is to develop, oversee, and analyze the current employee organization pay structure. They also focus on the job policies given, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and time off. The work environment these people experience is less stressful and undemanding.

Computer And Information Systems Manager

For those who love working with current technology, IT management is a great career option for you. It is usually a low-stress job except when some technological problems arise such as hardware and software glitches or internet outrage. Aside from these, this job is known to pay high where you can manage your own time.

Computer Hardware Engineer

The working environment as a computer hardware engineer is nowhere near stressful. You have to spend your days’ researching, designing, and testing components of computer hardware. Since they typically work in their laboratories in manufacturing facilities, this means it is safe and quiet there. At the same time, they are known for their regular 9 am to 5 pm working hours and seldom do they need overtime.

Cruise Ship Worker

Traveling the world around using a cruise ship, even if you are a worker, is something that takes away all of the emotional and mental stress that you are experiencing. There are different types of work available such as being an engineer, housekeeper, ship entertainer, and a cook.

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Delivery Driver

No matter whether you are working in a local, regional, or national company, chances are they need delivery drivers. What you have to do is acquire a professional driver’s license and just transport goods from one point to another. The only thing that will stress you out is the traffic but other than that, no need to worry about anything.

Dental Hygienists

They are in charge of examining gums, managing their cleaning apparatus, and analyzing medical histories. Dental hygienists often own their own business, so they feel less stressed since they don’t have bosses or the top management to answer to regarding their work.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

A diagnostic medical sonographer100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (8) is a healthcare worker whose main job is to conduct ultrasounds or sonograms. These things are dedicated to creating images of the tissues and organs of a body. Most people who work in this area find this a less stressful job compared to others since this is a relaxed setting wherein patients have to lie down for a while and check the screens for these images.

Dietitian Or Nutritionist

The best thing with dietitians or nutritionists is that they often have the flexibility within their work schedules. Dealing with their clients are usually low-conflict and pleasurable since there’s no exposure to public scrutiny. So, what do they often do? They help people set and achieve their healthy-living goals in a customized strategy. For them, it is fulfilling to see other people improve their overall lifestyle.

Digital Nomads

Digital nomads refer to people who promote specific products and places even if they have not tried or been there ever. It makes them professionals who are location independent. All they need to have is a working computer which can help them blog.

Dog Walker

100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (9)

Not only are dog walkers paid for a simple task, but dog owners are also paying high for them. They are given their salaries on an hourly basis by walking the dogs of clients at times that they can’t. Their rates can even go higher if they are asked to walk multiple dogs.

Door Supervisor

Most residential towers or luxury hotels hire friendly faces to greet residents or guests, open the front doors, and help them if they are carrying big baggage. You are perfect for this job if you have a friendly and jolly attitude and you are also willing to stand by the entrance for hours.

Door-to-door Sales Worker

A door-to-door sales worker is in charge of introducing, explaining, and selling various goods and services to the neighborhood. Instead of asking the customers to go to their stores physically, they are tasked to bring their products at the foot of their doorsteps for less hassle. What’s only stressful about this job is the physical stress if their products are big and heavy to carry.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping also called as private labeling, is a job which requires buying or manufacturing certain products overseas but selling it in Amazon under your company brand. It is a less stressful way of being a salesman.


Economists are responsible for conducting research, developing theories, proving these theories by applying on the latest economic issues, criticizing public policies, and analyzing market trends. Economists work alone, and they do not need that much interaction with other people unless they present all of their findings to a group of individuals.

Event Ushers

Compared to other jobs, being an event usher100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (10) is probably a walk at the park. Different stadiums, arenas, theaters, and other large venues usually hire event ushers whose job is to stand in marked areas and direct the attendees towards the rooms and seats assigned to them. They are also the people whom the attendees can ask where the concession stands, closest exits, and bathrooms are.


Yes, farmworkers do not receive that much income compared to other occupations. However, their simple lifestyle in the suburb compensates for that. They wake up early in the morning to cultivate crops such as grains and vegetables, but they go home soon as well, which enables them to relax throughout the night. It is contrary to city life, where life starts at night.

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Fashion Designer

100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (11)

The only stressful aspect in this profession is to catch the deadline set by the client. Other than that, the job of a fashion designer is to showcase ideas and translate it to something tangible – a.k.a. designer clothes.

Flight Attendant

Not only do flight attendants travel around the world for free and spend their times in amazing and luxurious airplanes, but they are also in the position to meet fascinating people. Aside from ensuring the comfortability of their clients, all they need is to serve food and drinks and assist the passengers in times of need.

Food Critic

Not a lot of companies open a position for a food critic100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (12) but they are very particular when hiring one. Food critics must be very technical when it comes to the tastes of food, and they should also have a brief background on journalism.

Food Scientists

Who doesn’t want food, right? However, the misconception with this job is that people think all they do is eat and taste test. That’s not it though. They are tasked to study the processing and deterioration of food, inspect the quality of the raw materials placed on the food products, and design methods to ensure the safety of food.

Freelance Software Tester

Software tool developers often hire freelance software testers to check the user interface, discover inconsistencies and bugs in the program, and document their findings. What’s good about this job position is that they do not have to go to physical offices since their jobs can be in the four corners of their home.

Front Office Receptionist

Are you a friendly personality in the making? If you are outgoing and organized, talking to people, greeting visitors, and handling phone calls can feel like a breeze. However, don’t belittle this job since front office receptionists are the first touchpoints of customers, and they are a critical part of increasing the appeal of the company to potential customers.

Garbage Or Recyclables Collector

Throughout many areas in the United States, the field of garbage collection is known to give a high salary. It is an advantage since the actual work is not that challenging as well. Many find it enjoyable, especially when they get to meet other people upon picking their trashes in the neighborhood.


Most geoscientists100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (14) are on the field. They conduct laboratory researches or fieldwork in which they analyze physical aspects of the earth. It includes its structures and compositions which can then be beneficial to future projects and research.

Glass Blowers

Glassblowers work on an isolated work environment. They are responsible for heating and shaping molten glass into sophisticated glassware. At the same time, they are also in charge of inspecting their finished output for quality check.

Hair Stylists

Hair stylists are known to be individuals who usually love their work – cutting, coloring, and styling. Since they are into what they are doing, they do not often feel any pressure while their clients are on the chair. A side plus, they get to gossip with their customers every single time!

Hand Sewers

Hand sewing is probably one of the most relaxing jobs in the world. You have to use threads and needles to join parts of toys, garments, and books. Doing this does not require any brain complication or physical activity.

House Or Pet Sitter

When looking for comfortable and non-stressful jobs, being a house or pet sitter is hard to top. After all, you have to take care of the house or pets while they are away. You need to ensure that everything stays in the same condition as when your customers left.


This job requires individuals to solve water problems in the area. They do this by studying the flow of water on the layers of the earth.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts often avoid conflict with other people, particularly the management, as long as they uphold proper security in their assignments. These analysts are usually referred to as white-hat or ethical hackers since their main task is to analyze and study the computer systems and networks of their assigned organizations to be able to come up with strategies which will keep them safe and protected.

Internet Poker Gambler

Playing poker for a living means that you do not have to be seated on real tables. All you need to have is a fast Internet and a computer. It is also critical for you to be ready to play for hours, be good with numbers, and keep your emotions in check.


Aside from marketing and selling jewelry, they are also tasked to design, appraise, and repair all kinds of precious stones, metals, and accessories. What’s only bothering in this field is that they are expected to fall out of the market by at least 7 percent in 2026. Other than that, this job is at peace.

Judicial Law Clerks

Compared to the judges, jury, and lawyers, judicial law clerks assist judges in court, and they prepare and review legal documents needed in court. Their job is more an administrative task which does not require that much of an effort physically.


What’s only a hassle in this job are their training that is needed to accomplish before you enter this profession. You have to be in good shape and be healthy to provide the best service as a lifeguard. But once you pass the training and the required certification for both CPR and first aid, the actual job tends to be more comfortable.

Managing Editor

A managing editor is in charge of making sure that the content writing and marketing of their brands are in line with their branding. They also have to look for the best images and videos that will go along with their project.

Massage Therapists

100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (16)

The common misconception with massage therapists100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (17) is that they absorb all of the negative vibes of the clients that they are massaging. However, what most people don’t know is that doing this job makes them more at ease and relaxed. They also have their strategies at times to eliminate the negative energies that they absorb.


Unlike other jobs, mathematicians are free from any physical demands or safety hazards. They also have predictable and routinized schedules and workflows, which results in low levels of conflict and interaction. Most mathematicians are in fields related to business, academics, medicine, national security, astronomy, robotics, climate science, and weather.

Medical Records Technician

According to research, this field is a growing area of expertise and is expected to have a 10 percent projected job growth in the next five years. This job is intended to ensure that the health information of patients is secure, organized, and private – both in the electronic system and the paper files.

Message Board Administrator

The job of a message board administrator is to moderate the comments posted on large websites. Mainly, they are in charge of reading the comments online, boosting the ones which can help the status of the site, and delete the nasty ones. Not a difficult job, right?


They are in charge of modeling either garments or fashion accessories in photoshoots and fashion shows. It is a low-stress job since they don’t have to worry about their needs, such as hair and makeup services. Everything is being provided to them already.

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Music Therapist

A music therapist is tasked to health its clients from mental, social, and emotional sufferings using a variety of music media options. While practicing this, music therapists have also given the avenue to treat themselves as well.

Notary Public

A notary public is only required to attend a short training, pass an entry exam, purchase an official seal, and come up with a record-keeping strategy. Other than this, all a notary public has to do is to observe and certify documents. No need for additional physical and mental work aside from this.

Online English Teacher

Believe it or not, you don’t have to pack your bags and transfer to another country to teach English. The good thing with the Internet is that it enables you to do this. You can tutor anyone anywhere with just using a video chat such as Skype or Whatsapp.

Online Translation Job

Most companies hire online translators to be able to expand their services to other nationalities. You need to be fluent with another language to be able to be an online translator.

Online Virtual Assistant

100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (18)

With the rise of office technology, there is a need for companies to hire virtual assistants100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (19) to be able to lower their employee costs. These virtual assistants are tasked to respond to customer inquiries, schedule social media postings, and do calendar management. (Check out our article – How to hire a virtual assistant100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (20))

Operations Research Analyst

With the rise of the digital age and more and more operations, the marketing world needs research analyst. These workers use various analytical and advanced mathematical methods to find trends and patterns which can be of help in solving business problems.


Diagnosing and treating eye problems is a job which often comes with little stress. Yes, at the start of practicing this field, there might be challenges which will test your crisis management skills, but once you get the hang of this job, you’ll be stunned how easy and relaxing it is.


The main tasks of orthodontists are to diagnose the abnormalities of the teeth and inside the mouth, conduct measurements, apply dental devices and review the medical histories of their clients. Orthodontists work on their own time. They have to make sure that they deliver their output on the day that they promised their patients with.

Panda Hugger

It was probably the most trending job in 2018. Whoever heard of a panda hugger100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (21) as a job, right? The rationale for having this job is that pandas get depressed early. Hence, they need people who will get them out of this slump. Hugging a panda can also be an avenue for people to experience positive aura.

Paper Towel Sniffer

Do you know that this kind of job exists? Paper towel companies hire professionals dedicated to sniffing their products to ensure that they are odorless. Anyone can be of service to this since this job does not require any effort or diploma.

Park Ranger

If you love exploring the outdoors, then being a park ranger might be the best for you! They are tasked to keep the environment safe by keeping the park clean and safe.

Personal Trainer

100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (22)

A personal trainer’s job is one of the most available in the world. All you have to do is listen to the status and complaints of your client and come up with an exercise strategy and schedule, which will address all of their problems and help them reach their goals.

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians can be in hospitals and retail pharmacies. They are in charge of dispensing prescribed medications to either other health care professionals or customers. They only feel stressed in this field whenever there are piling up of customers. Other than that, it is a cakewalk for them.

Phlebotomy Technician

A phlebotomy technician is one of the most accessible medical jobs out there. All you have to do is master the skill of drawing blood for transfusions, diagnostic testing, medical research, or donations. It does not seem too demanding. What will make you stressed out in this job, however, is when patients complain at times that you do not correctly draw blood.


Most freelance photographers are known to be in the field since this is their passion. Hence, most of them work for themselves. This situation makes them freer to choose their clients on their own and set their meeting schedules based on their own time. They also have the freedom to do whatever they want in shooting, editing, and organizing photos as long as their clients give the signal.


The role of physicists is to develop theories based on studied physical phenomena. They are also responsible for conducting experiments to prove their theories and publish their findings in academic journals should they deem worthy.

Private Housekeeper

Cleaning services are often on a contractual or freelance basis. House owners hire these people at times that they are needed. Despite this, the tasks are relatively easier to perform than any other job; hence, no need to worry about getting stressed out.

Professional Snuggler

Such a weird profession, right? However, this kind of job exists. Some companies hire professionals by the hour to offer their services as a professional snuggler to help other people relax whenever they are stressed, sad, or lonely. They also help those with depression.

Post-Secondary Instructor

Post-secondary instructors are known to love their jobs – helping students prepare for their future by teaching specific fields of their expertise. They don’t usually have deadlines and can work on their own pace. It makes this job a low-stressful one.


Proofreaders100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (23) are the ones responsible for checking for and correct typographical, style, and grammatical errors in articles. It is crucial when it comes to posting content online and on print. It is a low-stress job since everything can be done alone and at your own pace.

Public Librarian

It is probably one of the least stressful jobs in the world since the working environment enables them to think peacefully and stay away from all the stresses of the world. Their primary duties involve selecting, organizing, and classifying all library resources, and they are also tasked to assist library goers at all times.

Radiologic Technologist

A lot of professionals in the medical field would disagree that this job is a low-stress job. However, what makes this one fall under that category is that their jobs have an enjoyable rhythm which makes their days feel easy. They take CAT scans or diagnostic X-rays in a routine, and they do not have to worry about surprises along the way.

Rideshare Driver

For many ride-hailing companies, they let the owners/drivers use their cars. It is to ensure that they gain more profit. Most people use this as a side job only in which they can use as an avenue to relax after their full-time jobs.

Romance Novelist

Being a romance novelist is a more secure area in writing; it can be as a less stressful job. All you have to do is follow the formula of romance novels, and you are on your way to being a published author!

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Scuba Diving Instructor

Scuba diving is probably one sport that everyone enjoys! Seeing the underwater world is something that can take away the stress someone is feeling. Don’t worry about the risk that is experienced in this job, as long as you pass your certification; it will become more relaxed and more comfortable.

Security Guard

Even if you have minimal law enforcement or criminal justice training, you might qualify for a job which will help prevent vandalism, rule violations, vandalism, and more in private properties. It might seem a little risky, but often, security guards rarely encounter any real danger. Hence, most of them enjoy their whole shifts without significant incidents.

Self-Enrichment Education Teachers

Self-enrichment education teachers are not typical classroom setting instructors. Instead, they conduct workshops and sessions catered on self-improvement and other life lessons which are not necessarily occupational or academic. Usually, these topics are relaxing to discuss.

Software Developer

100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (24)

Software developer100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (25) are known to face with a working environment that has minimal interruptions, low levels of conflict, or minimal public interaction. At the same time, most software developers have the freedom to have flexible working time since their work is more output based. A number of these workers are known to work alone and at their own pace to be able to produce the best application software.

Solar Energy Systems Engineers

With the rise of the green energy campaign in big companies, solar energy systems engineers are in demand nowadays. Their job description includes designing and evaluating solar projects, implemented for industrial, residential, or commercial customers.


If you can write songs in your spare time, then earning a considerable amount of money is not far from you. Being a songwriter does not require you to be an expert on reading musical notes. You can still be great in this field as long as you are a talented lyricist and you understand the strategies and techniques in structuring or layering a song.

Speech Language Pathologist

These are the people responsible for diagnosing and treating swallowing and speech manner disorders. As a speech-language pathologist, these people are expected to work with both children and adults who want to overcome their speech impediment and improve their way of expression.

Street Performer

If you do not need too much money, you can take your talents to the streets and be a street performer. Just plan your act, pick a spot, grab your instrument where there is significant foot traffic, place a hat, and perform. Nothing goes as easy as this.

Table Games Dealer

A table games dealer is a pretty easy job wherein you have to deal with the cards to the players. It will only be stressful once the drunkards accuse you of cheating or conspiring with another player.

Taxi Dispatcher

Calling, scheduling, and transmitting assignments to service vehicles is a pretty simple job both on paper and in actual. Being a taxi dispatcher100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (26) is more comfortable to accomplish as well if you are on the off-peak time slots.

Taxi Driver

Are you that kind of person who enjoys meeting different people while driving? Well, if so, you are the perfect match for a taxi or limousine driver. It is an occupation which can provide you with additional profit. You can also do this is as a sideline from your primary job.

Technical Writer

If you are into writing and can translate complex ideologies into something simple that an average reader can understand, then being a professional writer can be. You can do this on the comforts of your own home, especially that being a technical writer does not require a physical presence in the office.

Tour Guide

If you are an area with various tourist attractions, you may want to consider this job. The primary role of a tour guide is to escort visitors to natural parks, wineries, botanic gardens, and historic facilities.

Travel Agents

Travel agents usually have a business of their own, and they do not have to worry about the downfall of their careers. The reason for this is that traveling is a must-have activity for most people. Hence, their services are always needed. They are the ones who plan and sell tour packages, and they evaluate the costs of transportation and accommodation of traveling clients.

Travel Blogger

This job enables travel bloggers to explore the world for free by promoting it in their favorite social media channels. It is a stress reliever for many, especially that traveling is a way to escape emotional distress.

Traveling Yoga Instructor

100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You) | Open Sourced Workplace (27)

Another unique job which will enable you to move around the world is to become a traveling yoga instructor. You can teach classes such as Zumba, dance, yoga, or pilates while you are on the road.

Toll Booth Collector

If you are one of those people who are okay with sitting or standing in a cramped box for a long time collecting tickets and coins, then being a toll booth collector can be your full-time job. This job comes with a high salary, which also comes with many pensions.

Tool Crib Attendant

This job is probably something new to your ears, but their main tasks are to oversee the storage facilities and distribute the tools and equipment which are needed by co-workers. Upon analysis, this is a pretty simple job. To be able to perform well, you have to familiarize yourselves with the tools so that it won’t be that confusing.

Video Game Player

Are you aware that being a video game player can be a less stressful full-time job? If you consider yourself as a computer geek, this might be the best path for you. Despite you working for long hours per day, this does not require you to talk or interact with other people physically. Hence, a peaceful working environment for you.

Virtual Customer Service Representative

All that you need for this job is a reliable internet connection, phone line, and a computer with a mic and camera. The good thing with this job is that companies hire home-based customer service representatives to handle essential company services such as talking calls to answer orders and inquiries.

Voice-Over Artist

If you are talented enough to turn your voice into thousands of different characters, you can make a living by being a voice-over artist in studios. Not much work needed, you have to practice day in and day out to be able to achieve the perfect tone. (Check out OSW Voice/Audio artist Alek Dincoff)

Web Developer

If you have a creative mind who wants to dedicate their life into the design, being a web developer can be the perfect job for you. It does not only give a high salary and low levels of stress, but it is also a field that is expected to increase the demand given the rise of the digital world.

As observed, there are various low-stress jobs for people with different interests and backgrounds. You have to look responsibly, and you’ll find the best options for you in no time!

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What is a low-stress job defined? A low-stress job is a combination of the following: minimal hazardous conditions, minimal physical demands, limited public scrutiny, predictable workflow, low level of interruption, quiet work environments, and minimum high-pressure deadlines.

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What do you mean by job stresses differ from person to person? For example, a geek might enjoy being a software programmer, so he finds this job least stressful as compared to a dancer who might be overwhelmed with this job since it is not his expertise.


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